Petrol Prices could rise a further 5p
July 25, 2013
According to the latest fuel report from the AA, Petrol prices will be rising, yet again. Which could soon mean that there will be an extra 5p on every litre at the fuel pumps. 

Thanks to the increasing costs of wholesale, speculation on oil prices and the weakening pound coin, the average cost for petrol forecourts in the United Kingdom has already risin over 1p since the middle of last month. 

The average price in the United Kingdom for a litre of petrol was 134.61p, though now it is 135.78p, the AA have also stressed that even this hides worrying information it appears that some areas are already passing on petrol price rises, drven by the $100 a tonne increase in the cost of wholesale fuel in North West Europe. 

As a result of this, costal and market towns such as Dover, Lewes and Newark/New Ollerton are charging 5p a litre more already than their neighbouring towns. This difference adds around £2.50 onto the cost of every tank of petrol on average. 

The gap between petrol stations and supermarket prices are also closing, as the average supermarket also rose by 1.6p pet litre, reducing the difference between them to 1.6p per litre. Though the supermarkets are actually cheaper than they were a month ago, on average. 

There is better news if you are a buyer of diesel however, though prices have risen around 1p, the wholesale cost has only risen about $40 dollars and so there is very little chance of a similar surge in prices. 

Some of the reasons for these rises are clear, Brent Crude is up from £100 dollars per barrel to $109 and the British pound has fallen. 

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