Honda top a new reliability survey in the UK
July 29, 2013

Honda top a new reliability survey in the UK


The annual survey carried out between both What Car? And Warranty Direct have highlighted that the Honda brand produce the most reliable cars for the longest period of time.


A total of 38 manufacturers and 50,000 cars aged between three and eight years old were assessed in the survey. Honda have once again come out on top and have done for seven consecutive years prior to another successful result this year.


In terms of reliability, Japanese manufacturers have received a certain level of unwanted press over the recent recalls of models and have gained a bad name. However, Honda once again topped the charts and Suzuki followed with both Hyundai and Subaru tied for third place. Toyota, who have received a high level of press following the recent recall of models finished in fourth.


At the other end of the table are Bentley. The British based brand Bentley came in last place following the survey after a massive 86 per cent of the the Bentley models suffered a problem each year. As well as Bentley, Alfa Romeo, Land Rover and Porsche also featured towards the bottom of the list.


The UK's best selling manufacturer Ford, finished in the top ten respectively as it received the same rating as Mazda. Both Ford and Mazda rounded off the top ten with Nissan sat just outside. Two interesting views, were that of Volkswagen and Vauxhall's position within the table. Vauxhall are currently responsible for two of the UK's best selling models in the Corsa and the Astra and yet sit 20th in the table. On the other hand, you have Volkswagen, who are responsible for Europes best selling vehicle in the form of the Volkswagen Golf model. In terms of the so called German Giants of the automotive industry, Mercedes, BMW and Audi didn't even make the top 25.


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