Aston Martin To Clinch AMG Deal?
December 17, 2012

Investindustrial, have only recently purchased 37.5% of Aston Martin for a cool £150million. Following this recent investment, the British Sports car manufacturers have been linked with Mercedes Benz performance arm, AMG.


AMG currently produce engines, gearboxes and other electrical products and already have history with the Italian private equity firm, Investindustrial. Investindustrial entered the partnership previously when they owned the Italian super bike brand, Ducati.


It was this previous agreement with AMG that may have led Aston Martin to the choice of Investindustrial. There was plenty of interest in Aston, as it was believed to have had a number of parties involved in negotiations such as BMW and Toyota before they struck a deal with Investindustrial.


Mercedes have not yet confirmed that they were a part of the deal, but it has been reported that the ties between Mercedes and Investindustrial are still there for all to see. An executive Mercedes source has since announced that the two were exchanging telephone calls to confirm the possibility of another partnership, this time with Aston Martin.


Aston Martin's long term target of developing a new V12 engine to replace the ever ageing Ford developed unit may be getting ever closer. However, it is not just the development of a new engine that AMG may be producing for Aston Martin as they are in need of some major electrical renovations within their models.


AMG have previously been involved with not only Ducati and Mercedes but also built the engine for the super quick and astonishing Pigani Zonda super car. The M120 is the largest displacement engine that AMG have produced and is largely used in only the Pigani Zonda models witht the odd exception.


This potential partnership has been described as a tantalizing and mouth watering prospect for all involved with Aston Martin, but the purists and out and out enthusiasts of the British brand may argue against this partnership having based so much of their pride on the independence in the production of previous Aston models. But the question is would you like to see the partnership happen?


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