Easy Gap welcomes Shortfall.co.uk
August 18, 2013
Easy Gap is pleased to announce a new member of the family! The company that owns Easy Gap, and also the GapInsurance123 brand in the UK, have launched a third brand on the UK market. Shortfall.co.uk is now live, and will offer a third online option for UK consumers who are looking to buy Gap Insurance. The products do carry some common features with Easy Gap cover, but also a range of new features for those looking for something a little different.

The new Shortfall.co.uk actually shares the same underwriting insurer as the current Easy Gap cover. The products are underwritten by UK General on behalf of Ageas Insurance, a solution that has featured on Easy Gap products since November 2012. The policies do contain some of the same features developed and provided for your Easy Gap cover, including:

- up to 5 year cover from vehicle purchase
- free policy transfer of terms to another qualifying vehicle
- cover for dealer options such as paint protection and warranty charges
- the option to defer start dates for up to 12 months for RTI and VRI Gap

However, the Shortfall products do have a number of different options when compared to Easy Gap, and indeed many other products in the market. These would include:

- Up to £50,000 claim limits on all Gap products
- No 'reduced liability' or 'market value' clauses should your motor insurer not provide full indemnity in settlement.
- the option to defer start dates for up to 12 months on Finance Gap as well as RTI and VRI.

These features may be subtle but they will provide further options for anyone calling Easy Gap for a quote. Remember when you call 0800 195 4926 you can now gain access to quotes from three of the leading brands in Gap Insurance in the UK, not just one as you will find elsewhere.

However, Shortfall.co.uk does go further, as it will offer a range of new products in addition to the Gap products you may expect. The new Shortfall.co.uk website will include the option to purchase, on a 'stand alone' basis (there is no requirement for you to purchase Gap Insurance also) the following products
  • Tyre Insurance
  • Dent and Scratch Insurance
  • Alloy Wheel Insurance
  • Motor Excess Insurance
  • Key Insurance
  • MOT Failure Insurance
  • Helmet and Leather Insurance (including Personal Accident cover)
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Motor Warranty
  • Mis-Fuelling Insurance
As these products are 'stand alone' then they can be purchased in conjunction with an Easy Gap policy if you wish, or even on an individual basis.

The new Shortfall.co.uk is the first phase of product and facility redevelopment that will see a new GapInsurance123 website in the coming months, as well as a series of new, single product sites before the end of the year.

If you would like any further details on Shortfall.co.uk, why not take a visit or call our Customer Service Team for more information.

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