The New Seat Leon Estate
August 27, 2013

The New Seat Leon Estate


The Seat Leon model has long been compared with the Volkswagen Golf due to it being built on the same platform and with the same engines. However, the best car to come out of Spain in the last few years is now being offered in the form of an estate.


The Seat Leon already comes in the form of two separate models in the five door hatchback model and the three door coupe, both of which achieve impressive figures worldwide. The new Seat Leon Estate will now finish the line up and will offer an impressive boot space of 587 litres. This is only a fraction less than the Golf Wagon. The engine offering will be the exact same to that of the other two variants of the Leon and will come with the turbochargers fitted also.


In terms of internal rivalries, Volkswagen have arguably constructed a problem of their own doing as they keep building such quality offerings under the name of the less valued brands in the form of the Seat and Skoda models respectively.


The new Seat Leon Estate model will now cost in the region of £15,670, which is cheaper than both the Volkswagen Golf Estate and the Skoda Octavia Combi. Volkswagen have consistently added to the likes of the Skoda and Seat brand as customers and consumers alike can see that the build and quality of car is that similar to the likes of a more premium priced vehicle such as a Volkswagen Golf model.


However, whilst sales continue to increase for both the Skoda and the Seat globally, at the new home in Germany, sales seem to have somewhat slowed. The addition of the budget brand Dacia has had a somewhat negative effect on the likes of Seat in Skoda in some markets.


Dacia have now built up a reputation of being the budget brand that can offer you more for your money. Dacia are owned by the French manufacturer Renault and have in fact blitzed the sales figures and market share percentage of the owning brand within the first term of sales. However, the likes of Seat and Skoda still pose a threat for both the premium brands and the budget ones due to both the level of quality and build on offer.


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