The New Ford S-Max
August 28, 2013

The New Ford S-Max


Ford have announced that a brand new S-Max model will be due for production in 2015. Ford have enjoyed a considerable amount of success with both the Focus and the Fiesta models in the past 24 months as sales have gone through the roof.


The new look on the S-Max may just indicate the small subtle changes that may be made to the Fiesta and the Focus over the coming years. The S-Max does show a resemblance to that of the latest Fiesta and B-Max MPV.


Range Rover have recently chose to reduce the amount of buttons and switches on the latest model which seems to have set a trend as Ford also plan to reduce the amount of buttons and instead have one button for all menu. The majority of controls will be changed through the form of a touch screen on the centre of the dashboard. The screen will have a number of options and features and will act in the same way as a hub.


The new Ford S-Max model will also be the latest addition to offer a form of Car to Car technology. The concept model will offer a communication device which will indicate when other cars are parked around a blind bend as well as acting during the parking stage of a journey. The technology may feature a considerable amount more over the next number of years as it may become part of the safety offering.


We at Easy Gap are also expecting Ford to announce a number of Eco Sport powered engines, however, there are rumours of a new Hybrid version being developed. The S-Max will share a platform with the latest Mondeo model and will be developed in the Ford plant of Valencia. In terms of competition for the S-Max model, none will come closer than the Galaxy model which is currently being designed and shaped. On the other hand, the Galaxy will be set up in a more sporty manner and may offer a wider variety of Ford engines.


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