Car of the Year 2013 Finalists Revealed!
December 18, 2012

The annual Car of the Year finalists have been announced this week, the original list of 32 has now been cut down to the final eight contenders. The cars have all been launched within the past twelve months and will no go head to head on March 4th 2013 for the coveted prise. The winner will be announced at the Geneva Motor Show and decided by a mutual agreement between jury members.


The original 32 nominees are decided by a selection of 59 journalists from 23 different countries. Each of the journalists short list their top seven favourites from the previous 12 months. The judges must then decide on what their personal favourites are given us the final 8.


The 8 nominees are as follows:


The Vauxhall Ampera was the winner of the trophy last year, but this year Vauxhall didn’t even make the short list. The Vauxhall last year impressed the judges with the Car's range of hybrid technology and beat off competition from the highly rated and popular Volkswagen Up!.


Trying to pick a winner for the prize is going to be as tough as ever this year, but with the Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT86 being the only rear wheel drive car nominated, it could well be in with a chance of winning. It is also the only sports car short listed and has been praised throughout the year for giving an entertaining drive.


What we can be sure of is, that the winner will not be a plug-in hybrid after the Volvo V60 and the Toyota Prius plug in did not make the final shortlist. For the past two years the judges have chosen cars with alternative propulsion as winners but this year they seem to be reverting back to the traditional qualities of style and class.


So Who Would be Your Winner?


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