The New Volvo Coupe?
August 29, 2013

The New Volvo Coupe?


Volvo have recently announced plans for a brand new Coupe model and have done so by releasing images of the concept model. The new Concept Coupe at Volvo is set to make its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in a number of weeks time.


The Frankfurt Motor Show already has a number of exciting offerings with the first being the Hybrid Range Rover model. Peugeot are also taking a brand new 308 sport version to the show to attract interest and the new Volvo Coupe will look to do the same. We at Easy Gap believe that brands such as Volvo, Peugeot and Citroen will once again return to the top of the UK's best selling list within the next number of years.


Volvo are set to take a number of concept models with them to the Frankfurt Motor Show which may indicate exactly how the future Volvo models such as the XC90 may look. The Volvo V90 and XC70 models are arguably the firms most popular models in the UK car market.


In the last number of years, the influence of the Volvo brand has somewhat diminished as we begin to see a vast decrease in the number of models we see on the roads today. However, the new Coupe model could be the game changer.


Volvo have labelled the new Coupe concept as being the next generation P1800 model as the firm go back to black as it where with a stylish two door Coupe inspired by the success of the model in the sixties.

Does the Coupe display future Volvo changes?

The model indicates a number of changes as the bonnet gets longer and the grille seems to hang onto the end with the trademark logo centred. Another feature likely to be incorporated on other Volvo models are the C shaped LED lights at the rear of the model. Volvo state that the new S80 model may feature something similar.


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