The New BMW 1 Series
August 29, 2013

The New BMW 1 Series


There has been a number of images released online that seem to show the new BMW 1 Series in disguise driving on some secret roads.


A number of the images seem to show the BMW model as both five and seven seat models. BMW have been paying close attention to the success of the electric car market as of late and now the attention seems to have switched back to the somewhat small MPV.


The electric car industry has seen an almost doubling of sales figures within the UK in the past 12 months and manufacturers such as BMW and Volkswagen have been paying close attention to it. The Nissan Leaf model seems to have taken the majority of market share in the electric car market and BMW have designed and built a model to rival that.


The new 1 Series model will be facing a tough category of competition from the Volkswagen Golf, Ford Fiesta and the Vauxhall Corsa in the UK. However, BMW insist that they are targeting a completely different market that might crossover into that of the more expensive MPV in the form of the Volkswagen Golf model.


The Volkswagen Golf is currently the best selling car in Europe and is approximately 7th in the top ten best selling models in the UK. The Ford Fiesta on the other hand has been top of the UK sales charts for over 12 consecutive months. The Ford Fiesta and Focus models have seen off competition from BMW, Vauxhall and Volkswagen to take the top two positions in the UK.


The new BMW 1 series will hope to catch the imagination of those wanting a BMW rather than the likes of a Mini or a Fiat 500 model. The first 1 series model was somewhat of a huge success as many in the market couldn't wait for the German giant to build a car of that standard.


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