The Volvo Concept Coupe
August 30, 2013
The new Volvo Concept Coupe has given clues about the next generation of Volvo models. Pictures have been revealed of the Volvo Concept Coupe, which will be making it's official public debut at thw Frankfurt Motor Show next month. It is the first concept that has been designed by the new Senior Vice President of Design for Volvo, Thomas Ingeniath. It is also the first of three concepts that will be introducing the new design language for the firm. The concepts reflect Volvo's three new design pillars, Scandinavian Authority, Activity and Creativity, with the Coupe looking to be the first model released. 

These new concepts point towards the future look of all new Volvo models, with the first one being the all new XC90. The seven seater SUV model is due to officially debut in October next year at the Paris Motor Show and to go on sale in the United Kingdom in early 2015. 

The concept Coupe model is said by Volvo to be the next generation P1800, which is Volvo's rather stylish two door from the 60's. This is a bodystyle that Volvo has had a rather long history with, including the P1800, whose influence on the new concept is apparent. The curve to the tail and long bonnet along with the glazed area that is pushed back towards the rear of the car are all inspired by the older model. 

This coupe also gives clues as to what some of the next generation Volvos are going to look like. The flat shape of the bonnet is apparently going to become a hallmark for the brand, along with the floating grille, with the enlarged logo. The neat LED daytime running lightswill make production, along with the upkicked bars that are featured in the front air vents of the bumper's. 

The LED tail lights which are C shapes and the Hofmeister kink will be featuring on the next S80, which is more than likely going to be called the S90, whilst the crease along the shoulder, in the style of the Audi A5 is also set to feature on the next saloons from Volvo. 

The interior of the concept coupe is dominated by a touchscreen to the centre that features a minimalist design which is button free. The touchscreen is identical to the iPad and replaces controls and buttons for climate control, infotainment and more. 


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