Porsche Eclipse Sales Record!
December 18, 2012

The number of cars sold last year was 118,868 and in just the 11 months since the firm has sold over 128,978 cars eclipsing last years figures.


The month of November seemed to be a record month for most with Ford announcing record sales rates for November due to Super storm Sandy and the number of new cars sold in the U.K was also up on previous years. But Porsche alone was up 39% compared to the previous November 12 months ago displaying a turn in the right direction for the global economy.


However, it may be down to the great marketing skills of the company rather than a change in the general economy as demand in both China and the US where responsible for 70% more sales this November compared to the last.


In all but the U.K, demand has ceased to exist in the rest of Europe due to the majority feeling the ripple effects of recession. But major sales in countries such as China has more than made up for the loss of custom in Europe.


The U.K aside the rest of Europe has seen a 7.1% decrease in sales so far this year leaving other manufacturers who rely depend on sales in Europe a little more than out of pocket. The Lexus LF-A which recently stopped production only sold 5 cars to the U.K in Europe with the rest sold in Japan and the U.S, leaving them with little profit margin.


General Motors who own Vauxhall are also set to make a loss after calculating figures they have come up with the sum of -$1.5bn for operations targeted in Europe this year.


While sales increase for some, others are making record losses, only time will tell what the future holds for these struggling manufacturers.


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