An Electric Dacia is a possibility
September 17, 2013
Renault and Dacia consider the electric car

Due to the growing popularity of the electric vehicle market, an electric Dacia is a strong possibility for the budget brand. This is the recent prediction of Carlos Ghosn, the Renault-Nissan boss, who sees potential for rather significant expansion in the electric vehicle market. He said that when the demand is there for this, then they will be there.

He went on to say that it is helping with demand that the cost of electric cars is lowering, along with companies signing agreements with cities worldwide for electric vehicles. As more Cities get charging stations, more people are going to show interest in the electric vehicle, the cost of the electric vehicles will come down aswell. So there is therefore nothing that will forbid an electric Dacia vehicle for the future, he went on to say that the day there is a demand for the vehicles, then the company will be able to produce. 

Carlos Ghosn has said that he believes that the arrival of the likes of BMW and Volkswagen to the electric vehicle market can only be a good thing for Renault and Nissan, this of course will raise interest among people and hopefully increase sales of electric vehicles. 

Ghosn finished by saying that over a time, all manufacturers are going to come to it, you cannot possibly grow in the industry without electric vehicles and plug in hybrids. He said that he believes that 10% of the car market in Europe by 2020 will be electric vehicles. 

Dacia along with the electric car have been the pioneers of the last 12-18 months and the success has been there fore all to see. Thats why the likes of the BMW and Mercedes manufacturers have decided to join the race for being the best manufacturer and having the best model within the electric car market.

The Dacia brand has gone from strength to strength as the economic climate within the European economy has led to the majority of motorists looking at alternative models and more towards the budget brand that is Dacia. Renault have watched on as ther Dacia brand thrives on the state of the European economy and the base brand continues to struggle. Dacia have actually overtaken the base brand Renault within markets such as the German.

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