The New Renault Twingo
September 19, 2013

The New Renault Twingo


There has been a number of images released online that seem to display a testing Renault Twingo in is full bodied prototype design. The new Renault Twingo is said to be eagerly awaited as it is going to be both a rear engined and a read wheel drive model.


The new Renault Twingo model is also set to be built on the same platform to that of the Smart models at Mercedes. All the engines and models will be built in the same factory in Slovenia along with the new transmissions.


The Renault Twingo model will have the same full size architecture to that of the new five door super mini model at the Smart brand. However, despite the deal with Renault, Smart will continue to build the well known and popular two door models.


The new Renault Twingo model will be up against some interesting competition in the form of the Mini, Vauxhall Adam and the Fiat 500. The lucrative super mini market has somewhat become congested in the last 12 months and a number of models are still set to join the market.


Renault have somewhat struggled with existing models in the market, as in a number of markets across Europe market share has taken a hit. The European car market as we well know has been in a state of struggle over the past 18 months and has hit some manufacturers more than others.


For example, the Fiat brand have struggled as of late and has blamed their struggles on their lack of variety in different markets and their complete dependence on home grown sales. However, whilst the Renault brand has struggled, the budget brand at Renault has done considerably well.


The Dacia brand at Renault has seen an increase in sales as the majority of motorists look for the cheaper and alternative way of travelling. The Dacia brand at Renault seemed to have achieved just that in the past number of months.


However, with the Super mini market growing and more and more people choosing to go down the route of a smaller and more fuel efficient models. The Renault Twingo model is due to go on sale in the late stages of 2014.


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