Men and Women react differently in road rage
September 19, 2013
A new bad driving bevahiour study, investigated how road users engage in road rage and how this causes them to react, it found that men and women actually react in different ways.  

Women drivers were actually found to be more likely to flip of swear at fellow drivers than male drivers. Though men are no angels either, as they were found to be twice as likely as the fairer sex to flash their high beams at offending drivers or to key another vehicle. 

A psychology professor at the University of Hawaii, Leon James exclaimed that drivers are far more likely to express aggressive behaviours in a vehicle, than they would  do in regular every day interactions because drivers feel faceless and rather protected whilst they were driving. The act of driving is also seen as an activity in which to be competitive in, which raises aggression in both sexes. 

A thousand people that were equally split between both genders with children that were aged 12 or younger were quizzed about their bad driving habits, they were also asked whether they regret some of the more extreme road rage actions they have expressed. 

The good news that comes from all this is that 3/4 of people polled said that they regretted road rage, or atleast particular aspects of it. A full 75% also admitted that they had felt guilty after swearing in front of their children whilst they were driving. Bumping someones vehicles in a car park and then driving away was the next on the list of things that people regret whilst they are driving, at 62%. Only 34% of those polled said that they felt remorse for brake checking tailgaters. 


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