Ford are proud to be featured in the Top 100 Apprentice Employers List
November 20, 2012

Ford have been featured in the top 100 Apprentice Employers list, which is put together by the National Apprenticeship Service, for the second year in a row. The list was produced last week and highlights the 100 top Employers who have taken on Apprenticeships throughout the Year. Amongst the other Employers on the list were the other prestigious employers Rolls Royce, BT, The Royal Navy and Siemens. Ford are extremely proud to be mentioned for the second year running, amongst such other fantastic businesses.

In the past five years, out of 2,000 apprenticeships, 70% still remain employed within the Fantastic Manufacturing Giant, an extremely proud number. Ford were also awarded a Grade One from Ofsted in 2010, proving the success of their apprenticeship scheme. Ford have been recognised for it's dealership programme as well as it's Apprenticeship scheme, The Ford Masters Apprenticeship Programme. The programme has been running for more than 11 years and is delighted to announce that it recruits around 450 Apprentices each year.

Apprentices are trained up to become such things as Technicians and Senior Managers, which keeps the Apprentices fully integrated into the business, benefiting both them and the company. Fords plans for the future include setting up a Higher Apprenticeship programme in Engineering and offers Technical Qualifications for participants and also Bachelor Degrees.

t really is refreshing to see some of our British Businesses taking such an interest in Apprentices. With the economic climate the way it is, this is the exact way to teach people a skill and build up a career for them whilst they are also earning a necessary wage. Ford are honoured to be amongst the hundred recognised businesses who believe in this, not forgetting the many others around Britain involving apprentices into their businesses, who have not been mentioned.


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