Subaru WRX STi to be Non Existent in the U.K?
December 19, 2012

The Subaru WRX ST-i previously known as the Impreza model will be no more on the roads of the U.K. due to the sincere lack of demand.

The new Impreza model has been on review in the U.K for nearly 12 months and has shown that the demand for the car is somewhat non existent.


Whilst the demand is non existent for the Impreza in the U.K, the WRZ seems to be the peoples choice and Subaru are constantly supplying the U.K with models due to the high demand. The model has also been shortlisted as a final nominee for the european car of the year.


The Japanese car firm slashed the price of the Impreza earlier this year to test whether the price of the car was simply unaffordable to the target market of people facing a recession. There was little if not any change in the demand and sales for the car and therefore Subaru decided to revert the price back to its original value.


Subaru separated the Impreza and WRX ST-i models back in 2007 when the third generation of Impreza was released in the U.K. Since this separation the demand has simply dwindled due to the lack of ability to compete with rival performance cars.


A spokesperson for the company has announced that there are currently no plans to renew the stock in the U.K once the existing stock has sold out.


The move would mark the end of an Era for most car and rally enthusiasts as one of the most iconic modern performance cars makes a graceful exit from the dealerships of the U.K.

Subaru can now focus all their attention on other models such as the XV and the Forester in the U.K and hope to increase sales in the new year. The continuation of the Legacy model is also in doubt and no one has come out and issued a statement on what would happen to the model after 2013. Click to read more on Gap Insurance for 2013


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