London, the parking charge capital of the World!
September 21, 2013
Everybody knows that London is the most expensive place to live in our Country, it is probably the home to more millionaire's than any other City Worldwide. To highlight further, the increasing extravagant status of our Capital, it has been found that it is actually the most expensive place on the globe, to park your car aswell.. 

Recent research has been fathered that revealed that drivers who visit the City are paying out around £709 per month to park in the City Centre. The West end is likely to cost around £19 a day and Westminster could cost £21. 

These figures put the Capital ahead of Zurich, Switzerland in second place, where it would cost around £558 per month to park there. Coming next was Tokyo, which would cost around £492 per month. 

Anybody who is wanting to park for less would be advised to park in Jakarta, Indonesia, where you are able to park for as little as 54p a day. There was a time when people were able to park in a British City for a similar price. Though it is safe to say that those days are long gone. 

These figures that indicate exactly how much it can cost to park in London, are out of control, though this is extremely unlikely to be put into reverse anytime in the nearby future. There are still enough Millionaires driving around London who can easily pay these fees.


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