Elder Drivers exceeds 4,000,000
September 25, 2013
The amount of older people with driving licences has exceeded the four million mark for the first time ever, a recent RAC foundation report has revealed. 

Recent data has showed that there are 4,018,900 men and women that are 70 or over who have a full driving licence in Britain, the motor research charity even predicted that this number is likely to rise even further than this. The prediction has also been backed by the government, which has said that of the citizens in the United Kingdom who are alive today, about 10,000,000 will reach their 100th birthday. Currently, 191 people who are aged over 100 have a full British Driving licence, with the oldest driving lady 107, a year older on the oldest driving man. 

This recent news has led to the national charity Rica, that provides information to disabled and older consumers, to publish a guide called driving safely for life. This guide is aimed to ensure older drivers that they are making the correct decisions when declaring that they are fit to drive. 

Under regulations currently, drivers who are 70 or over must declare that they are healthy and fit to drive. This declaration has to be made every three years and relies on no official or formal medical records, there is also no driving test required to prove this. 

As well as giving legal and medical advice, the guide from Rica also advises older drivers on exploring the potential to downsizing to a newer vehicle. 

The features to keep the look out for include, brake assist and traction control, variable power steering, automatic or semi-automatic gearboxes, hill start assist, cruise control, parking cameras and sensors and automatic headlights and wipers. 

Statistics show that motorists that are over 55 years old are actually the least likely to be involved in an accident, though the chances of being injured seriously go up from 65. 

The introduction of the compulsary driving test was in 1935, so there are still a number of drivers on the roads who have received no validation that they are fit to drive, or no formal training. Of course, the roads are also completely different to what they were, even as little as 50 years ago, nevermind any longer. 

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