The World's smallest roadworthy car
September 26, 2013
Texas is big on pretty much anything that is big, so it is a surprising fact that it is a Texan that has recently entered the Guinness World Records book for making the smallest roadworthy car in the world. Maybe this is the answer to the increasingly congested city streets. 

The car, measures 126.47cm long, 65.41cm wide and 63.5cm high. Though it is likely that there would still be people out there who had trouble parking the vehicle, despire it's tiny dimensions. 

The creator of the miniscule vehicle Austin Coulson, chose the number plate, IM BIG. 

The paintwork on the car has been based on the American P-51 Mustang World War II fighter aircraft, there is even a reference to a ship that Austin Coulson's grandfather had served on at that time. The car is used often as part of military parades for local veterans. 

For the car to qualift as roadworthy, it has to be registered equipped with safety features and inspected. The features included safety glass, approved by the federal US government for the windscreen, window wipers tha function, a seat belt, working horn and indicators. 

When Austin Coulson spoke to the Guinness World Records he said that he has always wanted to hold a Guinness World Record title for something, he also expressed that automotive was always his favourite. He explained that he went home and had a look at the current world record and believed that he could top it. 

The record for the smallest roadworthy car was formely held by Perry Watkins Wind up, which was a tiny car that was based on the coin operated Postman Pat children's ride. It measured 132.08cm long, 65.04cm wide and 104.14cm high.

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