Spy Cars and Fixed Cameras could be banned
September 27, 2013
Spy cars and fixed cameras, that are used to catch people that are parking illegally could be banned by the government in England.  

Erin Pickles, who is the Communities Secretary said that he wanted to rain in unfair and over zealous rules. 

Car mounted and static cameras have issued over 10,000,000 fines, which totals £301,000,000 just in the past five years. 

Councils have said that camera cars and CCTV play a vital role in road safety. 
There are 75 councils that have permission currently to use CCTV cameras, or what are called approved devices to enforce restrictions on parking, under 2004's Labour Traffic Management Act. 

In the areas, a third of parking fines are issued using CCTV cameras rather than by official wardens, case studies have suggested. 

In the meantime, a recent study found that there were some councils that were earning more money through parking charges and school meals than they were through council tax.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin and Eric Pickles said that restrictions were being enforced unfairly and damaging town centres. 

Patrick McLoughlin announced a series of different proposals including publishing open data on parking, banning car mounted and static CCTV parking cameras and allowing only traffic wardens that are eaisly visible to film vehicles, improving people's rights of redress when fined inappropriately, updating guidelines to help people use local shops more easily. reviewing unecessary yellow lines and stopping unacceptable and aggressive parking charge collection practices.

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