Mercedes struggle as Vettel wins fourth GP in a row!
October 7, 2013

Mercedes struggle as Vettel wins fourth GP in a row!


Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton once again achieved a front row qualifying place just behind the three time world champion Sebastian Vettel. However, the Mercedes model looked to struggle with pace and the rate of wear on the tyres as the Red bull pulled away from the first lap.


The first half of the race was then spent with Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton trying to catch Vettel as well as hold off competition from the Lotus and Renault engined car driven by the impressive Grosjean.


The other Mercedes directed by Nico Rosberg seemed to be going strong behind the front three and has the race grew on, Hamilton's tyre degradation was just too much and Rosberg went for the pass on his team mate. However, the front wing on the Mercedes gave way and left the German driver behind Lewis Hamilton and continuing to slow in pace.


After a number of incidents and a few safety car laps the race restarted and Vettel pulled away from Raikkonen and Grosjean to finish in first place with Raikkonen second and Grosjean rounding off the top three podium places.


Sebastian Vettel recently made a remark regarding the other teams at a press conference which caused a lot of controversy in the field. The three soon to be four time world champion stated that his Red Bull team work harder than others and whilst they may be in the Swimming Pool on a Friday night, his Red Bull team will still be working hard into the night to ensure that the best race strategy is formed for the following weekend.


The remark made prompted criticism of Vettel from the likes of Nico Rosberg at Mercedes which was responded to on the track as Vettel won his fourth race in a row.


Mercedes will be keen to build on the developments made this season and will push the likes of Hamilton and Rosberg for the remainder of races before the season finishes.


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