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December 2, 2013

In motorbike news today, we at Easy Gap are happy to report that the latest in the motorbike line from Triumph the Daytona 675R is set to revolutionise the sports bike industry. The Motorbike has been receiving excellent reviews and feedback from investors and testers alike, and this particular model is said to be a big top rival for the likes of Honda and Yamaha who have recently included sports bike's to their ever growing franchise as well.


The look and design of the machine looks a lot similar to that of something from the Ducati line, more notably the 999 model from the well known Italian company. But this latest addition from the designers behind the Daytona could be set to overtake the status of a Ducati and other top rival sports bikes that go head to head with it.


What's so great about the new Daytona model?


Over the years when it comes down to sports bikes , the industry has been changed drastically by the inclusion of new techs and gadgets from the teams behind their respective machines. The newest addition from Triumph is no different, as its sheer performance and power is demonstrated by it's: 3.8 gallon fuel capacity tank, with its rev limit being raised by 500 revs per minute compared to that of other models in the line from the manufacturer. Allowing a brake horse power of 126 and therefore equalling a top speed of 160 miles per hour.


A few changes in the line compared to that of it's predecessor's include the likes of it's, upgraded suspension system, its newly fitted front brakes and carbon fibre parting to allow a more dynamic and agile riding experience. A whole new chassis has been installed to the bike along with a brand new frame type to keep the look fresh. One of good features of this particular Daytona model is that, it's cylinders are separated allowing higher pressure to be part on them.


Perhaps the main difference that will be spotted straight away is the movement of the motorbikes exhaust system which, used to be neatly placed underneath the seat and now finds itself resting under the engine allowing a lighter mass for the bike as a whole. It comes with high spec KYB forks and one of the best braking systems available in the world today, Brembo monobloc callipers.


How much is the Daytona and when is it available?


We are happy to confirm that the latest input into the sports division from successful manufacturer Triumph will retail at a price of around £7,000 here in the United Kingdom. Sadly we do not have a current release date for the new Daytona, as it is yet to be announced from the company directly.


Ducati reveal new bike is set to debut in next seasons Moto Gp


As previously reported, with the inclusion of this new racer next year, comes along with it a brand new rider in the form of British born Cal Crutchlow. Will this be the bike he is using next year? . Although the news would now point towards this being the case, the first set of tests from Valencia Spain a fortnight ago, Crutchlow was seeing testing on a different bike,and the new addition motorbike was not spotted anywhere during the time.


So who is riding the new Ducati next year?


With that being said, the future of Crutch low on this machine next year is somewhat up in arms. However, we can report that it has been stated from the company directly that current rider Yonny Hernandez will indeed be taking to the brand new Discomposed machine next year, as well as another rider who is yet to be confirmed by the Italian manufacturers behind this fine looking piece of technology. The other current racer for the team is Ian none, who has stated that he will not be jumping onto the new machine for next years season, as he will be staying on a satellite bike for the duration of next year. This leaves a very select few of members for the company who are actually eligible to race the new motor.


What about Ducati's latest motorbike itself ?


Well as the riders for the bike are up on their so are a few minor details on the bikes specification. Unfortunately at this present time, only minor features and techs have been confirmed to come along with the latest addition to the Moto GP track. The ones we have learnt about though include the following: Twelve engine changes during a race, which limits out that of an extra 5 litres of fuel in the tank compared to that of the original Ducati and satellite fractured racing bikes.


In terms of colouring, the traditional look takes effect in the form of that lovely red we all know and love from the Italian company. We can reveal also that Hernandez does have a private test on the machine coming up within the next few weeks. Maybe then we will see the absolute limits, the new Ducati can pull out on the track.


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