Ford's new focus for next year is on the way
December 19, 2013

In incoming news coming from here in the UK regarding American manufacturer, and well loved brand Ford, the brand new Focus model set for a debut sometime throughout next year, has been spotted in its camouflage of course, being tested around the streets of Europe. The Focus model's without a doubt have become one of, if not the biggest selling vehicles available to the car consumer market in recent memory, and a number of years ago, was much of a trend to own one of these cars, as it was one of the most used four wheel vehicles on the roads, both here in the United Kingdom and across other parts of the globe.

What's been confirmed in terms of styles and design for the new Focus ?

Although the America based mass manufacturer behind the idea of the new model, have currently not come out and confirmed anything, or even breathed a word regarding the latest addition to the franchise, it has been reported on first viewings of the car that it does come complete with a 1.5 litre diesel, or 1.5 litre petrol engine, with a grille design that has been lowered considerably compared to that of the model that is currently available right now on the market. Newly fitted headlights and an updated set of bumpers are also expected as well. Apart from those tweaks and updates, most of the vehicle is set to remain the same as that available right now from the company. It is also expected that in terms of the interior of the machine, a brand new revised Centre console design is set to launch pre fitted with the car also. Although nothing has been officially stated by the companies owners as of yet, there are rumors circulating that a follow up to the Focus 2014 model could be expected, and could possibly come in the form of a Plug in hybrid Focus model, which could be set to rival the likes of the e-golf from Volkswagen and the Leaf range of EV from Japanese manufacturer Nissan.

When does the latest Focus go on sale, and the price tag

It is being reported by various sources that, the brand new addition to the line from the company will be set to arrive in your nearest dealership sometime around the beginning of next year. As for the price tag associated with the new Ford Focus, we believe that you could expect to pay somewhere around the price tag of about £14,000.


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