The BMW i3 gets an update
December 20, 2013

In some news coming out of the German manufacturing side of things today, it has been confirmed by company bosses that the latest in all electric technology from brand BMW in the form of the i3, is getting upgraded parts already, and a bit of fine tweaking done to the model itself. It is being known as the, i3 range extender. Although the model will run along side the original design on showrooms and in your nearest dealership. The brand believe that the announced model of origin will make up for 80% of UK i3 sales, therefore equaling the range extender version out at an extra 20 percent. But with 20% sales being so low for the brand, why are they releasing the model if this is what they expect?.

Why is it worth the i3 range extender seeing a release ?

As previously stated, with the percentage of expected sales of the machine here in the United Kingdom, expected to make up a 20 percent goal, why is it worth the German mass manufacturer releasing the model. Well some of the upgrades and tweaks could actually see it do above the twenty percent target we personally believe. We think sales will be helped by the, 2 cylinder, 647cc engine. A set of 19 inch wheels have been thrown into the mix as well. The petrol engine comes into play in the model, as the vehicle is battery operated with, a fuel tank designed to kick in after a loss of battery power, 186 miles is the new set traveling distance for the vehicle through a full 8 hour charge, which equals for 86 miles more than that of the original model. It will take longer to go from 0 to 62 miles per hour though in now just 7.9 seconds, which is still pretty smooth. Top speed remains the same, set at 93 miles per hour. Making this a good rival for the likes of electric vehicles, from that of Toyota and Nissan.

When will the updated i3 see a release and for what price on it ?

In terms of the price tag surrounding the latest model in the electric i3 range, the company have confirmed that the price is higher on the latest BMW than that of the original model, but only by three thousand, which equals the price out at a sum of £33,380. In terms of a release date for the new i3, range extender,you will be pleased to know that you can purchase yours right now, at your nearest dealership.


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