Ford begin plans for the future of car technology
December 23, 2013

Ford to set the benchmark in technology for the future ?

In North America, Ford have begun testing autonomous vehicle technologies, in the hope that the technology will be implemented into it's road vehicles by 2025. Ford, along with State Farm and the University of Michigan are conducting the research which forms a part of the Blueprint for Mobility plan from the American manufacturer.

The Ford Fusion test car, which is sold in the United Kingdom as the Mondeo has the latest driving assist technologies and sensor systems fitted. Ford's goal, with enough development is for these technologies to be available in 2025 for the next generation of vehicles.


What is all the fuss about with the Ford advance in technology ?

Ford's executive Chairman Bill Ford has said that the Ford Fusion Hybrid automated vehicle is a sign of a huge step for Ford towards the mobility's future vision. He went on to say that Ford sees a future of vehicles that are connected and able to communicate with each other and the world around them, which eases traffic congestion, makes driving safer and also sustains the environment. He finished by saying that by doing this, Ford is likely to have an even larger impact over the next century than they did in their first 100 years.

The fusion is equipped with light detection and range (LIDAR) and is able to scan the road in front 2.5 million times each second, which then creates a 3D map in real time of the environment surrounding the vehicle.

The sensors on the vehicle can detect objects that are dense enough for light to be redirected and also accurate enough to be able to tell the difference at a great distance between a small animal and a paper bag.Ford is not the first manufacturer that has announced that it is developing technologies in autonomous driving. Mercedes and Nissan both hope to have autonomous vehicles on sale by 2020. Volvo has already applied this technology to it's new SPA architecture, which will be underpinning the XC90 model which is due sometime next year.


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