Alfa Romeo break their silence with the announcment of the Giuluietta
December 24, 2013

In some news today coming directly out of the Italian car company Alfa Romeo, the brand who have been on somewhat quiet terms lately, regarding releases of new models from the popular brand, have recently broke their silence, with the news incoming that the brand new Giuluietta model for next year is on it's way to car dealerships around the world. The latest model designed by the company in Italy have stated some of the specs and engine rumors that have been circulating lately, and although the brand have been pretty quiet as of late, they are hoping that with the introduction of this new vehicle, they could once again become a great player to contend with, when it comes to the new car market around the globe, and can hopefully be set to take on that of the likes of BMW, Mercedes and Audi with their latest introduction to the line of motors already available to consumers.


So what is going to make the Giuluietta a top contender ?

Although not a huge amount of detail has been gone into from the designers behind the idea of the car, we can confirm that a fair bit has been said on the matter. As stated previously, Alfa Romeo want to get back near the top spot in this generation, and rival some big time players in the car world, who having success after success. But with some of the great models that are making their way out of other production plants right now, what do Alfa have to rival them ?. Well firstly the brand have included the use of a, four cylinder,1956 turbo diesel cc engine, which all carries 148 units of brake horse power and is capable of top speeds of 130 miles per hour. The six speed manual gearbox that has been included, helps the model hit speeds of 62 miles per hour from a standstill in a time of just 8.8 seconds. We believe that some of the main selling points for the vehicle will be the inclusion of, new revised lights and a new grille. In terms of the techs and gadgets for the interior of the car, firstly the Italian mass manufacturer has included the use of ,a new infotainment system which allows the driver and passengers to wire up there MP3 system and blue tooth to the model,and also allows the usage of smartphone apps as well.


So now the price tag on the Giuluietta.

In news regarding the release date of the new monster from Alfa Romeo, we expect the car to be officially revealed and put on sale in your nearest dealership sometime throughout the upcoming year, and we can expect the brand new Giuluietta to start from a price tag of around £25,000.


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