Agility motor's unveil the Saietta R bike
December 27, 2013

In one of the first set's of motorbike news coming this end of the Christmas holiday, we are happy to report on the brand new bike from the brand that has received its official reveal and first road test, and comes in the form of the Saietta R model. The look of the bike itself looks like something of the future,and judging by its unique design and style, we think its fair to say that the two wheeled machine does not have anything that looks similar in any way shape or form anywhere in the world from other bike manufacturers, such as rivals Honda,Yamaha,Suzuki or Ducati amongst many many more.


Are the specs of the Saietta as futuristic as it's look's ?

In terms of what has gone into the manufacturing process on the bike from the British based designer's, firstly we begin with the look and style. For starters, the front end of the model is shaped in such a way we have never seen before, and what we mean by this is the sloping screen which goes up from the tank and threads downwards, seeing is believing. In terms of the power and parts used, we begin with the inclusion of a high torque, electric motor, yes this is an electronic bike. It has top speeds of 105 miles per hour,and has a limit of 120 miles per every full charge on the battery. The machine is capable of hitting speeds of 60 miles per hour from a standstill in a time of just three seconds flat. A minimum set time of just over three and a half hours can charge the battery to a full from flat, but could take anywhere up to eight hours depending on what power battery you as the consumer are using for charging purposes. The braking system comes pre fitted with four piston calliper's for both the front and rear side of things, but what caught our attention most on the bike was the use of the brand new monocoque chassis similar to that of an F1 car which allows for a much more agile and more dynamic experience for the rider. Colors are available in White,Blue,Black and red as standard.


So when does the Saietta hit our roads and at what cost ?

Well we are happy to confirm as stated by the owners here in the United Kingdom that, the motorbike will come at a cost of £13,975, and we are also happy to officially that the launch date regarding the Saietta R model will come your way sometime throughout 2014, although a specific date has not been yet officially confirmed, expect this news to come very soon, and when it does we will have all of the latest on the Saietta here for you.


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