Volvo continues to drop, even with the XC90 recently hitting our road's
December 30, 2013

In reports coming your way today, we sadly start the week off at a low point, with the news that, Swedish car company known as,  Volvo are continuing to stoop when it comes to, sales and love for their latest automotive vehicles being made available to the car consuming market around the world. One of well known car companies, most popular investments into the four wheeled market, comes in the form of the XC90, which is a seven seater, SUV style machine, which is mainly built for comfort and styling, but even this inclusion from the brand hasn't really been enough as of yet, to bring up Volvo from the space they are in back to the top spot just yet.


So why is the XC90 thought of that highly ?

Although we believe that the vehicle, looks great in terms of it's design and styling, there is some word going around that the the model just isn't quite what consumers expected it to be as a whole. Some of the main complaints regarding one of the companies latest model's is that, in terms of the driving capabilities and general aspect, the XC90 itself feels somewhat outdated in some areas, which is not good. In terms of the spec and techs of the motor itself, it comes complete with a 2.4 litre, turbo diesel engine,with an automatic gearbox. 17 inch alloy wheels come fitted onto the vehicle, but the option of upgrading to 19 inch ones seem to have been a popular choice over the car's decade long history as well. This SUV model will hit speeds of 62 miles per hour from a standstill in a time of 10.3 seconds and, is said to very quiet when traveling. As we have stated this family vehicle has been in existence now for the past decade, but even though its time on this world has been quite long now, the look of the model itself comes very up to date, and looks similar to that of design's that exist now, in this day and age. Its the feel and experience though that it said to be outdated.


So why the fuss around the XC90 all of a sudden

The reason, drivers who have had the experience of driving this family model,and Swedish based brand are creating so much talk about the XC90 lately is because, the vehicle is indeed set to end production very soon, as it struggles to keep up with other SUV manufacturers such as Land RoverRange Rover  and even some companies that make the odd SUV model here and there such as BMW. But it's not all doom and gloom for lovers of the vehicle, as Volvo are currently working on a brand new and updated XC90 model that is set to unveiled to the world within the next upcoming year. The brand are just hoping that this XC90 version will receive some more praise and prove to be everything that the original was not.


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