1,000 jobs created as Infiniti launch new hatchback
December 31, 2012

1,000 jobs are said to be created in the UK as Infiniti confirm a very lot of money is going to be invested into the Country. Their new hatchback will be loosely based on the concept car the Infiniti Etherea, which is said to be aimed towards the youth of tomorrow. It is in fact going to be created in the UK, at the award winning Nissan Sunderland factory, around 2015. This is said to create around 280 jobs at the factory itself and 1,000 throughout the country. Infiniti are investing around £250,000,000 into the country.

The Etherea, which was first seen 12 months earlier at the Geneva Motor show, is the car in which this hatchback's look will be loosely based on, though of course the general look and name will change.

There are great expectations for the car, especially from the company themselves as they compete in one of the hardest segments on the planet. It is definitely a confidence statement, the Sunderland plant will be producing 500,000 models for the very first time. When Infiniti has properly settled in in the UK, it is said to be producing on average 60,000 cars each year. The proposed C-segment hatchback which was initially planned for the plant at Sunderland, is not going to be produced elsewhere.

Nissan's vice president said that this is a milestone and the first premium product to be produced at the plant, confirming the commitment to Manufacturing in the UK and the of course ongoing success of the Sunderland plant.


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