The Seat Leon makes it's mark as one of the top cars of 2013
December 31, 2013

With the ending of this year almost just over twelve hours away from now, we believe that this year has been truly phenomenal in the car industry, for many different reasons. With the global debut's of some of the finest electric models to, some fantastic family vehicles in the world of SUV amongst others. Diesel engine machines,petrol engines, have all proven to be big time sellers and top rival players in the car world over the duration of 2013, and with 2014 on the horizon now, it looks to be even bigger next year. But this year one car that certainly caught our attention,and that of others around the world, comes in the form of the Seat Leon.


So what made the Leon a great contender this year ?

Without a doubt it has to be said that, there were many other top, fierce contenders in the car world this recent past year that could of taken the top spot when it comes to the perfect all round performance vehicle. Such cars as the, Volkswagen Golf, Ford Fiesta and Citroen DS3 could have just as easily shown their dominance, but we believe that the Leon from Seat was something of top quality. Some of the key components used during the manufacturing process of the car, were the inclusion of, new petrol or diesel engines,plenty of interior space and car to be truly desired. This five door model came with, a sporty,sloped style rear windscreen,hidden rear door handles,tilted glass layouts and, full front and rear LED lighting. On the gadget side of things, touch screen's and built in sat-nav systems were as standard. But the car itself had some truly great potential with the addition's of, a fully leather steering wheel, 17 inch alloy wheels,front sports suspension and the racing seats designed to match. In terms of performance and power on the model, the 1.2 litre,petrol engine carried 104 units of brake horse power and can go from a standstill to speeds of 62 miles per hour in a time of just 7.5 seconds. Making one of this year's Seat models something of a great all round vehicle to own and, experience.


So how does the future look now for Seat and the Leon ?

Well with much of the success and high demand for the model that has risen from this year alone, this does indeed beg the question as to, what does the future hold in the palm of it's hand's for this particular model and the Spanish designers behind it as a whole ? . Well it has been confirmed by the companies owners recently that they are indeed working on a brand new updated model of the Leon which could be set to see a release sometime within the next upcoming year, with 2015 being a maximum production time.


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