Aequitas in 2012 and 2013
December 31, 2012
As we reach the last day of 2012, we at Aequitas Automotive look back on a hectic year at 'Gap Towers', and outline the plans for 2013 for the UK's leading independent Gap Insurance broker! As you may be aware, Aequitas own and operate not one, but two of the leading Gap Insurance brands in the UK. Both Easy Gap and GapInsurance123 are recognised by leading trade publications as such, and this has been reinforced with a record performance in 2012.

2013 with herald the 4th year online for Easy Gap, our oldest Gap Insurance brand. The name is now one of the best known in the Gap Insurance world, and this year has been one of evolution for Easy Gap.

In February both Easy Gap and our sister brand were recognised by Which magazine as being amongst the top Gap Insurance brands in the UK. However, even more gratifying was the result of the independent premium price comparison undertaken by Which. Aequitas brands produced the lowest UK premium on 5 out of 6 occasions when compared to our competitors and ,of course , motor main dealers. This report was vindication for us, and to the UK consumers, for our policy of providing the best value for money in the market. Our approach is simple, and somewhat old fashioned in many ways in that we do not apply 'voucher codes or discount codes' as we simply do not like them. We know what the leading competitors charge online, and we simply charge less. 

Of course the price of the premium is only one part of the equation, getting the policy features right are of huge importance too. Not only do we hope to provide the lowest premium prices, but the best policy features too. With Easy Gap this has seen a huge evolution in 2012, culminating in brand new Easy Gap policies in November 2012. These new products now include a simplified range, options to transfer, defer and cancel with a refund. We also can now cover up to 5 years, which is an extension to the feature seen on GapInsurance123 that has proved so popular since we announced it in August 2011.

The final piece of the jigsaw came with the change of underwriting insurer for the Easy Gap brand. This may appear insignificant on the face of it, however we think it is one of the biggest changes in the Gap Insurance market in the UK. New Easy Gap products are underwritten by UK General on behald of Ageas Insurance, who are one of the major insurance companies in the UK. This is in general contrast to some other Gap Insurance brands, who use less well known 'specialist' insurers. Why do we feel this is important? Well Gap Insurance is commonly purchased for an extended period of time, and what better 'peace of mind' could a consumer want than to know the policy is underwritten by one of the biggest insurance names in the UK?

Of course Easy Gap is just one of our brand offerings. GapInsurance123 was first launched in November 2011, with many of the advanced policy features now adopted on the new Easy Gap policies today. Such has been the success of GapInsurance123 that we believe that the brand represents the most successful new name in the market today.

Developing two leading brands was something that no other provider has looked to do in 2012. Taking this approach meant that Aequitas had to provide sustain levels of business for two separate insurers, as well as promoting both brand effectively to produce this.

Aequitas Automotive invested significantly in 2012, creating a new 'in house' marketing department and doubled the number of qualified Customer Service staff also. This has naturally lead to job creation within the company, something that we are immensely proud of in difficult economic times. We have also moved into larger premises to accommodate our new, expanded team.

Of course none of this would be possible without a strong financial performance, and this has been the biggest success of all. Like any business we have targets for any period. The figures for 2012 have been exceeded by a huge margin for every single month this year. Even when you look at a traditionally quieter month, like December, our 2012 figures are nearly 300% higher when compared to 2011.

Aequitas are not a company who rest on their laurels though, and we have even more ambitious plans for 2013. Firstly we plan to launch a further Gap Insurance brand to compliment our existing two names. In addition to this we will also provide at least one new Tyre Insurance brand to the family, as well as cosmetic bodywork protection and other products.

We are acutely aware that our huge successes in 2012 are down to our customers, and we thank each and every one who has placed their faith in our products this year. We can assure you that our first priority will be, as always, to look after our existing customers.

So to you all, may we wish you a happy and prosperous 2013, and thank you for your support in 2012!


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