The Volkswagen Golf R standing out above the rest
January 23, 2014

In some car news today coming directly out of the German car manufacturing company known as Volkswagen, we are pleased to report on the latest news regarding the brands popular selling model the Golf R, which has proven over the course of it's duration here in the UK and other various parts of the world, to be a terrific vehicle and in general, a good all round vehicle. With the news regarding a Volkswagen Golf R,Evo model set to be unveiled this year in April over in Bejing, the Golf R may sell even more vehicles now than what it has been doing, on the run up to the new addition's official release.


What went into the Golf R manufacturing process ?

In terms of making a great all round vehicle in this day and age, we believe that it comes down to a cars features in terms of, power, comfort and luxury and without a doubt we believe that the Golf has done this for many a year for the German mass manufacturer VW. So what did go into this car during the manufacturing process ?.


Well firstly we see the welcome additions of, a 2.0 litre, four cylinder, turbo diesel engine that in total carries,a whopping 296 units of brake horse power and is capable of making the spring from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a time of just,5.3 seconds, therefore allowing the vehicle to reach top speeds of, 155 miles per hour. This Volkswagen addition is only available in a,four wheel drive format, but does come complete with a six speed manual transmission system.


In regards to some more of the visible and eye catching features of this specific addition to the Golf range, we see the welcome additions of, Sports seating,18 inch alloy wheels,front and rear parking sensors and,LED daytime running lighting. But we think two of the big selling points for this vehicle have been the bonus of a, built in sat-nav system and adaptive cruise control feature.Therefore proving to be a rival for top place brands such as, the uk car manufacturer Mini and other brands such as Renault and Citroen. Although many things come and go out of fashion and the world these days such as tax discs and other car related features, one thing is for sure, we think the Volkswagen Golf has and will continue to withstand the tests of time.


How much will the Golf R set you back ?

Well first in regards to a release time on this specific model, we are pleased to report that you can make the investment into your new Golf model right now at your nearest dealership, and you can expect to make the investment into this Volkswagen Golf R for the cost of, £30,555.


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