Mercedes C Class estate model is spotted
January 23, 2014

In some news today coming directly out of the German car manufacturing company known as Mercedes, we are pleased to report on the latest news that has broken out regarding the sighting of the all new, Mercedes C Class model has been spotted out and about testing in, Scandinavia ahead of it's official release at the Geneva motor show in March of this year, although the car was rumored to have the curtain removed at the Detroit motor show a couple of weeks ago now, but proved not to be the case, belief is strong that Geneva will be the official time though.

Everything we know so far regarding the C Class Estate

In terms of the specs,techs,gadgets and features of what we know so far regarding what has gone into the brand new C Class estate from Mercedes, it has been confirmed by the brand's owners that the latest in car technology will come in the form of an all wheel drive system with four wheel drive as an option ahead of the time of purchase and also comes complete with the brand's 4Matic system already put into place also. Therefore proving this to potentially be a top class contending car for the likes of

German rivals, Audi and Volkswagen.


In terms of the engine that has gone into this particular model and what it is capable of, we see the warm welcome addition of, a choice of either petrol or diesel engine. In terms of your diesel options, we see the choices of, a 1.6 litre diesel,that carries a total of 128 units of brake horse power. There is however a second diesel alternative which come

s in the form of a 2.2 litre but carries a little extra of horse power in the shape of,167 right the way upto 228 units of brake horse power.


Petrol engines are also aplenty, meaning you will have the option of either a, 2.0 litre petrol engine that in total carries, anywhere from 182 to 249 units of brake horse power, with your alternative petrol model coming in the way of,a 3.0 litre,V6 engine that in total carries a whopping amount of,329 units of brake horse power.


Releasing and price structure of the C Class Estate from Mercedes

In regards to an official release date on this particular vehicle from the well loved brand, nothing has been directly confirmed as of yet, although it is expected that you will see this car in your nearest Mercedes showrooms sometime throughout the course of September this year, with your new C Class estate set to cost a total of £29,000 as a starting price.



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