Toyota Prius Plug in to be the future in EV technology
January 29, 2014

In news today coming out of the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota, the latest in EV technology which comes in the shape and form of the Prius plug in model, could be all set to be the benchmark in Electronic car technology for the future and could be the desired vehicle to be in our future new and used car industry. Electronic vehicles are very much a glimpse into the future right now and we see this coming from many different brands from the likes of BMW with their all new i3 model and the likes of Nissan with the Leaf but, perhaps none finer than Toyota.


What went into the Toyota Prius during the manufacturing stage ?

In regards to the techs,specs,features and gadgets that were put into place during this vehicle's time in production, we have seen some warmly welcomed key components on this car that owners and aspiring to be owners have taken to really well. We see these come in the shape and form of, a higher capacity battery, which its recharge point is neatly located via a plug in area under the rear wing. In terms of what the battery can do, the car does indeed have a range of just over 15 miles from a full charge on the battery. In regards to the back up engine after a 15 mile journey, we see this come in the shape and form of,a 1.8 litre,petrol engine and comes complete with a CVT gearbox. As expected the vehicle is said to be very silent and smooth for the driver and passenger experiencing this model.


In regards to some key components and extra features that have been included with this car, we see these come as the welcome additions of,heated seating,climate control and a built in, touch screen, sat-nav system. Sadly in terms of the wheel sizes, the only option available to customers at the time of purchase are 15 inch alloy's. But none the less we belive that the Iconic Japanese brand, who also own company Lexus,  will still prove to be a big contender in the EV world for the future.


How much will the Toyota Prius set you back ?

Well firstly in regards to an official release date on this vehicle, we are pleased to confirm that you can purchase your all new Toyota Prius right now from your nearest Toyota dealership, and you can expect to invest into this Toyota Prius vehicle for a cost starting off at £21,845 and varying upwards for more additional features to be included.


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