The BMW 4 series to receive an all new set of upgrades
January 31, 2014

BMW takes the spotlight in terms of breaking news today, the German car manufacturing brand have officially announced that their ever growing vehicle the 4 series model, which has proven to be a great seller for the brand and one of the more popular choices of vehicle, will indeed be set to receive an all new set of upgrades and tweaks throughout the duration of this year in order to try and help keep the model fresh and updated, and therefore to try and enhance sales figures on this specific vehicle even more. The main changes to this all new upgraded model comes in the form of, interior work and new paint jobs available at the time of purchase.


What's been updated on the BMW 4 series ?

So what indeed has been done to help boost figures of the 4 series and keep it more lively than ever before ?. Well as previously stated the German mass manufacturer have officially stated that the car will be majorly focused around the trim work of the interior and Paint job on this car. So what exactly has been done ?. Well first we see the welcome additions of,an all new Citrine Black paint job which we think looks great, and the brand have stated that we see the welcome additions of 19 inch alloy wheels on this edition too.


There are numerous options that will be available to the soon to be consumer at the time of purchase and these come in the shape and form of,Merino leather in a golden brown and a matching plane dark trim set. There is however a convertible version of this machine set to receive it's own set of upgrade's also, these come in the manner of,a brown paint work style with,a white fine wood, interior trim also coming as part of the package also. M performance parts will also be offered to the consumer at the time of purchase aswell.


Future news regarding the upgraded BMW 4 series ?

Sadly nothing has been announced as of yet regarding how much this updated vehicle will be set to cost you at the time of purchase or how much added optional extras will set you back. A release date is still yet to be confirmed also, but we do expect to hear more regarding this matter within the next few upcoming weeks live from the Geneva motor show but, with everything that we have heard so far, we strongly believe that with some of these new trims and performance tweaks this particular inclusion of the new BMW 4 series could prove to be a great contending rival for the likes of brands such as, Porsche,Jaguar,Mercedes and Audi amongst many others.


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