Cadillac reveal the CTS 2014 model, with a possible UK release
January 31, 2014

In some car industry news today coming directly out of the American car manufacturing company known as Cadillac we are excited that their latest vehicle which comes in the form of the CTS, is about to go on sale over in the States and has a very high possibility that the model may also launch over here in the United Kingdom aswell. Over the years many American owned brands have come over here and made a a big name for themselves in both the new and used car industry with some of these brands including the likes of, Ford,Chevrolet and now possibly Cadillac. It would indeed make history if the brand launched this model over here but, time will indeed tell.


What can you expect to have thrown in with the Cadillac CTS ?

Many car enthusiasts around the world are familiar with the Cadillac name, but when it comes to driving one of their vehicles and experiencing it for themselves how many of us can say been there and done that ? .


Well if the vehicle does make it over here as expected, then the chances are a lot us may get the chance to try this thing out. But what makes this particular model special, so far from what we know ? .


Well firstly the American mass manufacturer have announced that we will see the warmly welcomed inclusions of, a 3.6 litre, six cylinder engine that in total, will carry 317 units of brake horse power and will therefore hit the sprint from 0 to 60 mph in a time of just,6.1 seconds. This CTS model is available in only a rear wheel drive format but, does come complete with the pre installment of,an eight speed automatic transmission system.


In regards to some of the interior technological advances in the car industry, we see the brand new CTS Cadillac come complete with a TFT touch screen, soft touch plastics located all around the interior of the car, and one of the better features in our opinion, the fully fitted leather seats.


Releasing and price structure for the CTS

Regarding an official time of launch for this vehicle, sadly nothing has been confirmed by the brands owners as of yet, even regarding the official US launch date for the car but, it has been confirmed that you can expect over in America to invest into this all new CTS model from Cadillac at a cost of $64,500, which providing it does indeed make a release here in the UK, works out at roughly £39,074 meaning it would have the great potential to go up against the likes of, BMW,Audi and Jaguar.



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