Honda to axe the Insight and CR-Z
February 27, 2014

Honda to axe Insight and CR-Z in the UK


Honda have announced that they plan to axe both the Insight and the CR-Z model in the UK. It has been announced that the Honda dealers have been instructed to sell off the remaining models in the showroom at a cut down price.


The Honda Insight model was in fact the first hybrid to go on sale in the world. The model entered the market in 1999 and endured a short amount of success. However, the success was definitely short lived as the future of hybrid for the next decade entered the market just a year later.


The Toyota Prius model was released in the year of 2000 and became the most futuristic model on the market and a model that everyone had to have. The fuel emissions on the model were staggering compared to anything else on the market including the Insight model at the Japanese rivals.


The Toyota Prius model then promised to be the future of all things green and ecological in the automotive industry. However, we have seen a change in the success of hybrid models since the likes of the electrically powered Nissan Leaf has entered the market.


Yes, the Toyota Prius has been the main contributor to the downfall of the Honda Insight model. The Insight model has sold just 280,629 units in its lifetime according to Automotive News Europe, of that a total of 157,000 of the Insight models have sold within the home country of Japan.


It is believed that Honda will reignite the Hybrid flame when the latest Jazz model comes to the market in the year of 2015. The Jazz model already has a strong market share within the UK and across Europe under the Fit name which would allow the manufacturer to capitalise on the future Hybrid market.


The electric car market and the hybrid and alternative fuel markets are set to continue to thrive in the future as more and more manufacturers join the market. Honda along with Toyota will be eager to get themselves back in a successful position within the market.


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