A shocking revelation highlights Britain's youngest Banned Drivers
November 21, 2012
Parents all over the UK will be shocked to the very core on learning that Britain's Youngest Disqualified drivers, are actually not even past the 17 Years they should be to even start their Driving Lessons. Thousands of Children over the past few years, according to Government Figures have been banned from driving, before they have even had the opportunity to obtain a licence.
Since 2009 5 11Year old children have been banned from driving, three of them for actually stealing a car and driving dangerously and causing damage or injury to people or property. This really is a shocking revelation, the last thing I would have done at the age of eleven is even dream of trying to drive a car, let alone stealing one and then taking it on a dangerous rampage.
This Year one 12 Year old was issued with a lifetime driving ban, literally five years before they were even old enough to start learning to drive a car. This particular child was convicted of two counts of stealing a car (correct terminlogy aggravated taking of a vehicle), and the second for not supplying a suitable specimen for alcohol testing. Absolutely shocking behaviour for any adult, nevermind a 12 Year old. There was also a 15 year old who actually caused death by dangerous driving, resulting in a lifetime driving ban for them also.
It has been said that no matter what the age of the child is, if young people are convicted of a driving offence they will be issued with penalty points and will be disqualified from driving. These bans are to come into force from the minute they are in court, whether or not they are old enough to drive or not. They obviously believe they are old enough to break into and steal a vehicle, so im afraid they are old enough to face the consequences.
Paul Watters from the AA said. “I think the average motorist will be horrified by these figures. Motoring lawlessness is a real problem in this Country. Thankfully only a small minority of young people behave in this way.”
This couldn't be agreed with more. Im sure most parents reading this would be genuinely horrified if they thought that their children could ever be capable of something like this, these figures are extremely shocking by any standards.
Since 2009 there have been 5,333 under-age driving offenders who have been disqualified from driving. Including the 5 11 Year olds, 164 13 Year olds, 578 14 Year olds, 1,420 15 Year olds and 3,125 16 Year olds. Although the younger offenders seem to be a lot less in comparison to some older ones, seeing children of this age behaving in such a manner is still flabbergasting.
There were two children who caused death by dangerous driving, along with 389 who were disqualified for dangerous driving, 470 were banned for Drink Driving andf 1,874 for stealing a car.

This truly is horrifying, although it is right that bans and points should start straight away and shouldn't be put aside for the same children to make even more colossal damages and injuries when they do pass the legal age of 17. Lets hope that these figures and the actions that are taken against the offending children is a deterrent for other children who are thinking of doing the same. A shocking revelation highlights Britain's youngest Banned Drivers – Who aren't even old enough to drive!

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