Mercedes GT AMG
March 27, 2014

Mercedes Benz GT


Mercedes Benz have recently been spotted during the final stages of development of the GT AMG model at the Nurburgring. The GT AMG model is set to be unveiled at the German Formula 1 Grand Prix in July of this year.


The Mercedes design chief has already labelled the GT AMG model as being the most beautiful model designed in the firms long history. The new Mercedes model is set to replace the more expensive SLS model in the Mercedes line up and is also set to go on sale next year.


The GT AMG model is set to go up against the Porsche 911 Turbo in terms of performance and will be hoping to beat the rivals 0-62mph time of just 3.4 seconds. The Mercedes model will also be chasing the Porsche 911 top speed of 195 mph. The firm have already hinted that they have come close to the figures achieved by the 911.


The model is also tipped to be the next generation of safety car in the Formula 1 sport and will also be expected to be on sale at somewhere in the region of £100,000. Whilst replacing the SLS in the Mercedes range, the new GT AMG model will be built on the same platform to that of the outgoing SLS model.


The new model will be powered by the 4.0 litre V8 engine and will have the ability to offer 493bhp. The same engine is also expected to be fitted in the C63 AMG model and shares the same architecture with the successful four cylinder 2.0 litre engine. The engine will take up a somewhat similar position within the German manufacturers model, towards the rear of the engine bay to give the model better weight distribution.


The new Mercedes model will also feature the electromechanical steering system that has made the step up from the C Class model.


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