Volkswagen Depreciation in 2014
March 28, 2014

Volkswagen and Depreciation


The only reason why Gap Insurance exists is because of depreciation and the fact that your motor insurer will only ever pay the value of your vehicle on the day it was written off or stolen. However, it has been announced that the Volkswagen brand have some of the best models for holding their value.


In case you did not know what depreciation is or how it works, put simply, depreciation is the rate at which your vehicle will lose value over the course of ownership. It is said that the average vehicle along with the average mileage and usage will lose as much as half of the vehicles original value within the first three years of ownership.


Volkswagen are one of the best selling brands on the market and are in high demand which may be a big factor in holding their value. The Volkswagen brand has built a strong reputation on both quality and build.


It is believed that because of the Volkswagen brand being in high demand, used models are set at a higher price which means that the depreciation of a model is at a very slow rate. This can be said for other models such as Jaguars, Range Rovers and Audi models to name a few.


The Volkswagen Golf model was the world car of the year last year and topped the European car market for a number of months. The Golf model was featured in the top ten best selling models for a number of consecutive months which only indicates the level of demand.


However, whilst depreciation will be at a slower rate it will still be occurring and could have a dramatic effect on your finances in the event of you writing off your vehicle. However, why take the risk of losing thousands of pounds when you can protect yourself and your Volkswagen with a form of Gap Insurance from us here at Easy Gap.


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