Volvo Safety Concepts
April 15, 2014

New Volvo Safety Concepts

The Volvo brand is one that is associated famously with safety, so it is the hope of many that the companies latest effort does not turn out to be a lot of hot air, the brand has actually came up with a concept for an inflatable car seat for children. Volvo also pride themselves on being one of the most pioneering manufacturers in the industry.

Most recently, the Swedish firm announced that they would not be developing an electrically powered model and would instead look to develop a new range of engine technology that will have the ability to rival the figures achieved by the likes of the Nissan Leaf and the BMW i - Range.


It is called the Volvo inflatable Child Seat Concept and does exactly as it says, it is a seat for children that instead of being made of the usual stiff materials, can actually be deflated and then put away at ease for when it is not necessitated.


Volvo has said that the new inflatable alternative of the historically bulky, tedious to mount and hard to move children's car seat, weighs just 5kg, which is half the weight of the equal model.

This concept was the work of Lawrence Abele, who is the design manager at the Volvo Monitoring and Concept Center, who recently explained that he had drawn up this experience from travelling with two toddlers in the car.


In a report it was revealed that Abele recently explained that child safety is always his number one priority, he explained that when he was living abroad with his two toddlers, he had to haul the bulky children's seats in taxis and through airports. He also explained that for a lot of people, travelling with their young children is a big challenge and any assistance that can help to simplify the life of parents of young children is definitely a good thing.


The concept children's seat, takes only 40 seconds to inflate using the efficient and silent built in pump which can also deflate the chair once it has been used and can also be carried easily in a backpack. The chair also has Bluetooth built in, which offers a large range of features, including the remote inflation command.


The Child Seat Concept has been made from a unique drop stitch fabric that is extremely strong once the chair has been inflated, due to it's ability to be able to withstands high levels of internal pressure. This type of material is allegedly used in the boating industry currently, though it was allegedly developed initially by the military in efforts to develop inflatable airplanes.


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