Ferrari to launch one of the fastest sports machines in history ?
April 25, 2014

In some exciting car industry news today to come fresh out of the high performance sports machine brand Ferrari, we are pleased to inform you of some of the latest breaking news regarding the engine and performance rates and much much more of the brand new La Ferrari model. Over the years without a single doubt, Ferrari have proven their dominance in the sports car world with models including the likes of the Enzo. This brand new La Ferrari model though is the official replacement for the Enzo model which has now stopped production after many years in development. Will this brand new La Ferrari model be able to live up to the hype though and, will it be able to match the standards that have previously been set by the Enzo.


What will help the Ferrari La Ferrari build a good reputation ?

So with a look into the engine,performance rates and features,we start with the engine and performance rates which include the inclusion of a,6.3 litre, V12 engine that will overall produce a whopping 950 brake horse power so with that in mind, we see this particular Ferrari model hit top speeds overall of 227 miles per hour. With this in mind, we believe that this all new model can make the leap from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a time of just under three seconds. In regards to the lap time for the La Ferrari model it is stated that the model will make the test track in Italy five seconds quicker than the Enzo.


Some other features include the likes of, carbon ceramic brakes,a fully red leather interior,an all new traction control system and adjustable magnetic dampers also come fully fitted with this Ferrari model too. So with that in mind, we see this Ferrari machine as a strong potential rival for other high performance sports brand's such as the likes of,Porsche,Lamborghini and McLaren.


How much will the La Ferrari model retail for ?

Sadly as of yet we do not currently have an expected launch date for this all new Ferrari model. We do know however that, the La Ferrari will retail for somewhere around the £1 million price range.


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