Kawasaki release the brand new ZX 10R for 2014
April 29, 2014

In some of the latest release news today to come directly out of the motorbike world, we are pleased to have learnt some new information on the recent launch of the brand new ZX 10R model from Japanese company Kawasaki for 2014 which has recently been introduced to our UK roads and other areas around the world. Kawasaki are one of the leading manufacturer's when it comes to motorbikes and have even had big selling models that have rivaled the likes of Honda and Suzuki . Some of these bikes include the likes of the Ninja and the all new 1400cc model. We believe that this all new addition to the Kawasaki range of the ZX 10R, will help boost sales figures for the company all round and could very well be the motorbike that you have been waiting your life for.


The uniqueness of the Kawasaki ZX 10R

So with that being said, what has gone into this specific Kawasaki machine during production time to help it stand out in the motorbike world where two wheeled machines are on the rise. Over the years of the motorbike industry the likes of Yamaha with the R1 and the R6 have dominated the world and we have seen the motorbike industry sky rocket as of late. We believe that with the addition of this all new ZX 10R model will prove to be a healthy move for the industry. So what is so special about the Kawasaki ?. Well firstly we see the welcome addition of a,four stroke engine that comes completely liquid cooled with an electronic starter and digital ign

ition system being thrown in as part of the package too. This model benefits from a six speed transmission system and also comes complete with a 17 litre, fuel tank capacity. The ZX 10R also benefits from the choice of two different paint schemes, the first being the classic green and black colour and, the second being black and white.

What's the purchase price on the Kawasaki ZX 10R ?

Firstly we are pleased to have learnt that, this all new ZX10R is on sale world wide right now from your closest Kawasaki dealership and, you can purchase this model brand new for a selling price of £12,199 or £13,199 with ABS fitted also.


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