Ford and BMW warn the UK over the exit from the EU
January 22, 2013

Ford and BMW warn the UK over the exit from the EU


As the Prime Minister approaches his critical speech this week, in which he will state his intentions on whether or not he wants to leave the European Union, two of the worlds biggest mass market car manufacturers have released written statements on what effects the UK could face in the car market if they exited the EU.


The UK has recently endured one of the most successful year of sales, in the year of 2012 and the changes could be detrimental in the future. Both Ford and BMW have emphasised the importance of being in the EU as the change in currency amongst other rates of interest etc, determine the invoice price of cars.


Ford and BMW have also highlighted the importance of exportation, as Britain have recently broken the record for how many cars they exported into Europe in 2012. Nissan Sunderland for example, broke the record for how many vehicles they produced in 2012 with a massive 80% of total vehicles produced exported to across Europe. If the UK were to leave the EU, it would only complicate the cost and process for car manufacturers located in the UK to export these vehicles into Europe.


Both BMW and Ford place a firm interest in the situation as they currently employ approximately 20,000 people in the UK.


Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to give the speech sometime this week as it looks to be one of the most keenly awaited speeches in recent years. It has been predicted that Prime Minister will continue to threat and warn over the UK leaving the EU and not actually confirm whether or not it will do.


The threat of a complete withdrawal from the EU has alerted some of the worlds largest companies who not only trade from the UK, but trade to the UK etc. The whole situation has created diplomatic tensions between certain nations including the US who are the home of Ford.


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