The Kia Sportage CRDI making an imapct ?
May 12, 2014

In some recent car industry news today, we take a look at the release side of things and one of the latest vehicle's to see a launch from the South Korean car firm Kia which comes in the manner of the Sportage CRDI model. Kia although not the biggest car company in the world and have had some city cars that have gone reasonably far in the industry we see some of these models consist of the likes of the Rio and the Ceed but perhaps none more finer than the Sportage model. So what makes this particular addition to the range something to be desired and why should you own one of these marvelous car's ?. Well for starter's we think this car could be fun for the whole family as it comes with plenty of interior space. The model in terms of structure looks similar to that of the Toyota Rav 4 in our opinion but does it have the features and power to be just as good ?.


The Focal points of the Kia Sportage CRDI

So what is it that caught our attention with this new Sportage and does it have the potential to be just as good as the likes of other family friendly cars such as the Nissan Juke and the X4 from BMW ?. Well firstly with a look into what powers this vehicle, we see the welcome addition's of,a 1.7 litre,four cylinder,turbo diesel engine that has an overall power output of 114 brake horse power with a top speed allowance of 107 miles per hour.11.9 seconds is the sprint the car takes from 0 to 62 miles per hour. A six speed,manual transmission system is thrown into the mix and we see this car come to you as a front wheel drive model.


Some other features that come along with the Kia Sportage model that we believe could prove to be key selling point's consist of,an all new reversing camera,parking sensors and power steering assistance too.

How much does the Kia Sportage CRDI sell for ?

Before we announce the price tag, we would like to inform you that this Kia machine is available for purchase from selected Kia showroom's right now. Now in terms of that price tag that comes along with the car, expect to make the purchase on this wonderful vehicle for an overall cost of £23,095.


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