25 per cent off at Skoda?
January 23, 2013

25 per cent off at Skoda?


Skoda have announced a 25% discount on selected Octavia and Fabia models, as well as some other models having a VAT-free discount. As an independent gap insurance provider we at Easy Gap have seen a flush of customers who have recently purchased a Skoda model looking for gap insurance.


Skoda are particularly offering a discount on the Fabia SE and the Octavia SE connect. The Fabia is down from a price of 12,030 and is now only £8,995, which, we at Easy Gap think is the right way to approach the current market conditions. The Octavia SE is down from an original invoice of £18,650 to £13,990.


The current economic conditions across Europe has seen a majority rise in invoice price for the majority of manufacturers. These conditions range from general inflation in production costs and a fluctuation in exchange rate amongst other things. 2012 was a difficult year for most manufacturers in the European market and has led to a number of changes such as the closure of production plants and a rise in invoice price.


Mazda like Skoda, have began the year with various forms of discounts and offers to disguise any rise in the cost price of a new model.


Skoda are also reviewing staffing levels as well as a new pricing structure for the future depending on sales figures across Europe in 2013. Skoda didn’t particularly have a bad year of sales compared to various other manufacturers such as Fiat and Peugeot etc, but they still aim to sell a lot more units than they did in the previous year.


The all new Skoda Octavia due for sale in March is predicted to be priced somewhere in the region of £15,990 for petrol engined and for diesel powered £18,040. So the current price reduction coincides with the future prices for Skoda.


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