The Kawasaki KX 65 for 2014
May 15, 2014

In a follow up today from one of our previous reports on the KX450F motorcross model from Kawasaki, we now take a look into one of that crosser's sibling motorcross machines..the KX 65. This model is all new on sale for 2014 and comes as a motorcross model and does share a lot of looks with the KX450F model. This model is said to be the perfect motorcross machine from Kawasaki for starting out on off road activities. From what we know of regarding the specs of the bike itself we believe if you're just starting out this could be the perfect machine for you and it comes in a cheap price range too. Is it on par with the likes of some motorcross machines from Honda and Yamaha though ?. Well lets take a look into the overall specs of the engine.


The engine specs of the Kawasaki KX 65

So with a look into the engine and some components that come along with it, we see the inclusion of a two stroke,single cylinder engine that comes fully fitted with a liquid cooling system. A Magneto CDI ignition system comes as part of the package and a primary kick starting system is also thrown in too for good measure. This model benefits from a six speed, return transmission and also comes complete with a 3.8 litre, fuel tank capacity. A wet multi disc clutch,a chain final drive system and a semi cradle frame also come thrown in with the KX 65. With that in mind we do believe that the likes of Suzuki have a fight on their hands here as far as crosser models are concerned.


In regards to looks and design of the Kawasaki KX 65, this crosser model is only available in one paint scheme and that is the classic Lime Green Kawasaki colour's. It has a white front and white back panels too which compliment the Green nicely.


What's the purchase price on the Kawasaki KX 65 ?

Firstly before we jump into a price tag that comes with the KX 65, we are pleased to let you know that this model can be purchased right now from Kawasaki showroom's up and down the country right now. In regards to the price tag that comes along with the KX 65, expect to make the investment for an overall cost of £2,849.


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