What are the best TV and Movie cars of all-time?
January 23, 2013

What are the best movie/TV cars of all time? Everyone will have a different opinion on this fact of course, what does it for you? The mystery machine? The batmobile? Brum? Here are some of the best.

The batmobile is probably the most out there movie car, with the latest version featuring dual autocannons at the front of the vehicle, a jet engine for rampless jumps, a rocket launcher, some serious armour on the body of the vehicle and of course a fire extinguisher to sort all of these out if anything goes awry. The original batmobile sold for £2.9 million this week.

Now, the Ectomobile, yes the crazy looking vehicle with allsorts attached to it so that the ghostbusters could fight ghosts in the neighbourhood effectively. The wonderful vehicle and the answer to all of your ghoulish problems, although not the most efficient way or travelling around, is an extremely altered 1959 Cadillac Meteor converted ambulance. The perfect mode of travel for catching those pesky poltergeists.

The classic Steve McQueen movie Le Mans highlighted the enormous speeds that could be achieved driving down the prestigious Mulsanne State of the Porsche 917. Over 240 miles per hour in 1971.

Not as glamorous as the Porsche, Chitty Chitty Bang bang, now everyone loves this one. There were actually 6 films built for the movie, using 3.0 litre Ford V6 engines. The writer Ian Fleming has actually said since that he was inspired by the aero engines 1920's Grand Prix racers when it came to naming the car. Though the wings and propellers? Who knows.

The 1970 Dodge Challenger driven by lead character of Vanishing point, Kowalski.  Jumping through the air and running Jaguar E types off the road, this is some car.

Herbie is up next, the 1963 Beetle that of course starred in the films of the same name. Herbie was absolutely fantastic and full of charcter, able to drive himself and of course take over whilst being raced causing chaos and mayhem all over the place.

The Delorean from Back To The Future could do absolutely fantastic things, including on reaching 88 miles per house whisking the occupants of the vehicle into a period back in time. Including causing Marty Mcfly's mother to find her own son a bit dishy, maybe we should steer clear of this one.

Another Steve McQueen wonder now, as the 1968 Ford Mustand Fastback which was owned by Lieutenant Frank Bullitt. A 325 horsepower V8 ensured that this car could keep up with the bad guy in his Dodge Charger, with the car chase it is featured in being recognised as one of the best in all-time cinema history.

By calculations, the mini's featured in the original Italian Job would have had to carry 1,070kg of gold, as well as the driver and passenger, which equals about one and a half times the cars original weight. However three mini coopers stole the show.

Now of course, the number one movie car of all-time would have to be a Bond car wouldn't it. With an absolutely huge amount of beautiful cars owned and used by Mr Bond over the years, as well as his beautiful women, it would be hard to choose which one was the best. It is the Aston Martin DB5 featured in the Goldfinger movie, the DB5 is truly iconic Bond, being featured in many movies since. It's 282 horsepower 4.0 litre straight six and 0-62 miles per hour in 8 seconds, it is obvious why Bond went for this one.

Of course there are hundreds more spectacular and unusual cars featured in our best loved television and movies, these are just a taster of our best loved motors.


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