Volkswagen to produce an open top car ?
May 23, 2014

Volkswagen has recently issued a variety of official design sketches that hint at the appearance of an open top concept car which is set to be unleashed at the Worthersee fan meet on 29th of May in Austria.

The model is called the GTI Roadster and is a brand new two seater model that was conceived originally as a three dimensional computer model in a project between Sony and Volkswagen for the Gran Turismo computer game.


How will the Volkswagen open top car look ?

There has been a lot of enthusiasm amongst the design team for the arresting design of the low slung roadster however so the German manufacturer took the decision to turn it into a concept car at full size in order to pay homage to a long GTI model history.

The concept was created at the company's main design studio in Wolfsburg in Germany, the GTI Roadster model claims to combine a variety of different styling themes that are being considered for future production models from the company, with design cues to be included in the up and coming track version of the seventh generation Volkswagen Golf model.

The look of the model is extreme, with a brand new concept that flaunts a distinctive wedge shaped silhouette along with prominent ducting that cools the engine which is front mounted, a giant rear wing, sizeable wheel arches and a shallow wrap around windscreen. In terms of features and selling points we believe that Volkswagen have always been on par with the likes of Toyota and Ford but can these planned models prove to be just as big engine and performance wise ?.


How well will these Volkswagen cars perform ?

Along with unveiling design cues that are set to be featured on Volkswagen models in future, the GTI Roadster model that is headed for Worthersee and at the moment showcases brand new direct injection turbo charged 3.0 litre VR6 petrol engine. It is under development at the moment by the petrol engine boss of Volkswagen Fritz Eichler at the Research & Development centre in Germany.

The model has a claim of 496 brake horsepower and a banging 490 lb of torque, the narrow angled VR6 engine is four wheel drive through a dual clutch seven speed gearbox.

Volkswagen has denied suggestions that the GTI Roadster concept previews a brand new two seater production model, saying it is a mobile canvas of engineering and design ideas that are inspired by the enthusiasts of the virtual world.


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