Is the all new Audi A6 Black edition the perfect car for you ?
May 23, 2014

If you're looking for the perfect all round performing car that has the benefits of both power and comfort plus a few added pieces of equipment thrown in here and there, Audi have always been a brand that delivers. They have had much success over numerous years with different vehicles including the likes of the TT, A4 and the A5. Now we see the A6 model come into play. The original A6 proved to a good seller for the mass manufacturer and we think that throwing this all new A6 Black edition into the mix, success for the company could very well be set to sky rocket even higher than it has done already.


Why are we so confident in the Audi A6 Black edition ?

So what is it about this addition to the range that grabs our attention and what is so special about it ?. Well firstly we believe that with what we know so far about this A6 model it could very well prove to be the ideal rival for the likes of,the BMW 520d,and the Mercedes E220. With that in mind, if we take a look into the engine and the performance side of things with this car we see the welcomed addition's of,a range of 3.0 litre,TDi engines which range their brake horse power contributions between, 201,241 and 309 units of brake horse power all round. All variations come with a six speed,manual transmission system as standard. There is a front wheel drive version of the car on offer too however, this model comes with an automatic eight speed gearbox as part of the system.


Some other features that come thrown in with this car include the likes of,20 inch alloy wheels,black door handles,a polished black,radiator grille frame,LED daytime running lights and leather seating also comes thrown into the mix too.

How much does the Audi A6 Black edition sell for ?

Firstly we are pleased to let you know that, the investment can be made into this brand new car right now from Audi showroom's up and down the country and across other parts of the world too. Now in terms of how much this car will cost you, expect to make the purchase on this A6 black edition model for a sum of £35,010 as a starting price.


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